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Our Story

In 2022, Sean Sindhunirmala earned his degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Real Estate Finance and double minors in Computer Programming and Statistics from the University of Southern California. Born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in Surabaya, Indonesia and Singapore, Sean is an avid coffee drinker and enjoys exploring the wonders of nature from beaches to mountains.

Sean founded Toja Coffee in Los Angeles upon graduation to create a positive impact on all stakeholders in the coffee supply chain from wild animals, farmers, exporters, roasters, and customers involved. Pronounced TOW-JUH, Toja is a combination of the words Toraja, a region in Sulawesi in Indonesia, and Java, the largest island in Indonesia.

We are an American importer, packager, and distributor of Indonesian coffee. Our mission is to share the stories of various coffee farmers and serve the American public with ethically sourced and the finest coffee from Indonesia.